42 mm
Water Resistant
Leather Band

Our Story

The year 1900 heralded a tumultuous century to be sure, however to a small unassuming family in Cologne, Germany that year heralded the birth of a leader who would ultimately redefine the world of watches and make the word “honesty” synonymous with accurate timepieces.

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Integrity and Craftsmanship Since 1929

Each timepiece is carefully crafted by a veteran team of Swiss watchmaking professionals that seamlessly blend precision components with aesthetically pleasing casing, yielding a true instrument of chronometry.

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Digital Duplicate

Interested in buying an heirloom that will last for generations to come? How can you be sure that the genuineness of the watch won’t be compromised? Is there a way to maintain the watch's integrity?

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the purpose of a watch is not to live in the moment

It's to Maximize the moment