The luxury sector has always faced major challenges and has always been a source of great envy.

Historically, counterfeiting and more recently the second-hand market are challenges that cannot be neglected by brands and public authorities.

To this end we proudly announce our partnership with Tradee. With Tradee you can track and verify the authenticity of all your watch components through the entire life cycle of our watches.

The genuine components included in your watch are duly certified by a third-party digital certificate that tracks and verifies the authenticity of every watch part from its purchase and keeps its history of sellers and buyers (much like your car’s VIN number). This way you can be rest assured that your timepiece will remain unadulterated.

In addition the WatchCertificate™ technology also enables numerous additional services such as transfer of ownership, watch reference ID, insurance, and theft reporting.




For more information about this service see here.