The History of Max Finkel™

Who was Max Finkel?

The year 1900 heralded a tumultuous century to be sure, however to a small unassuming family in Cologne, Germany that year heralded the birth of a leader who would ultimately redefine the world of watches and make the word “honesty” synonymous with accurate timepieces.
When Max was a young man of twenty nine years of age, he witnessed a market flooded with subpar timepieces. As a young entrepreneur, Max knew there had to be something better. After much research and development, he unveiled his line of the finest Swiss timepieces. With integrity as a mission statement and quality as a byline, Max testified in his memoir that never had even a single return on any of his quality timepieces. In time, his reputation grew, and Max’s watches became the timepiece of choice for private as well as commercial customers.

Honesty & quality

By 1937, his clients spanned the European continent, with discerning patrons from Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and France. Seeking to please his customers, Max transversed the countryside with his Opel. As with many others, World War II shattered the world as he knew it but would not vanquish his spirit. In 1948, Max brought his line of watches from his post-war home in The Hague to the United States and was known throughout the country for his impeccable honesty and quality. Although a successful watch dealer, Max always felt that his primary goal in life was to teach. All his interactions served to bring those he interfaced with closer to G-d. He taught his customers that the purpose of a watch is not to live in the moment, rather to Maximize the moment. Eventually Max retired in 1983 but continued his career of teaching until his Passing.

Bridging Nostalgia with Modernity

Using our grandfathers precepts as a guide, in 2021 we launched our new product line. Watches that would be enduring enough to withstand the test of time, with but a hint of modernity.

Each timepiece is carefully crafted by a veteran team of Swiss watchmaking professionals that seamlessly blend precision components with aesthetically pleasing casing, yielding a true instrument of chronometry. 

A gift for generations

Interested in buying an heirloom that will last for generations to come? How can you be sure that the genuineness of the watch won’t be compromised? Is there a way to maintain the watch's integrity?

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